Who We Are

Unlike more traditional forms of grant making, DRFF uses a consensus decision-making process to ensure that all core partners have a voice and vote in how the fund is managed. This includes: 

  1. Determining the overall design, mission and objectives of the fund. 
  2. Creating the fund guidelines, reviewing submitted proposals and making final funding decisions. 
  3. Listening to grantees to learn what’s working and what needs to improve in order to ensure the fund is helping, not hindering, their work. 

Steering Committee

Donna Givens
Eastside Community Network 

Karisa Antonio
Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Kenyetta Campbell 
Cody Rouge Alliance

Kevin Ryan* 
The Ford Foundation 

Rev. Larry Simmons* 
Brightmoor Alliance

Louis Piszker** 
Wayne Metro Community Action Agency 

Madhavi Reddy* 
Community Development Advocates of Detroit 

Maria Salinas 
Congress of Communities 

Mia Harnos**
Wayne Metro Community Action Agency

Nellie Tsai
Michigan Nonprofit Association

Quincy Jones
Osborn Neighborhood Alliance

Raul Echevarria
Michigan Community Resources

Kumar Raj*
W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Sherita Smith*

Heidi Alcock*
McGregor Fund

*Denotes members of the DRFF Executive Committee

**Wayne Metro Community Action Agency serves as fund administrator for DRFF and is responsible for financial management, reporting and overall administration of the fund. Wayne Metro representatives also serve on the DRFF Executive Committee.


Funding to support the Detroit Resident First Fund has been provided by: