People Power Detroit

The DRFF Design Process utilized and was guided by the following definition:

…Whatever is needed to bring a resident leader, nonprofit or neighborhood to the next level of operational, programmatic, financial, or organizational maturity, so they may more effectively and efficiently advance its mission into the future. 

Capacity building is not a one-time effort to improve short-term effectiveness, but a continuous improvement strategy toward sustainability and effectiveness as  a leader, organization or neighborhood. 

 (Adapted from  Definition of Capacity Building by the National Council of Nonprofits)

The DRFF Steering Committee approved comprehensive capacity building and leadership development framework was informed by a variety of experts and best practices and includes the following four elements: 

  •  Power Building – Quarterly sessions involving DRFF grantees, DRFF Steering Committee members as well as invited residents and guests for conversation and/or efforts to influence and increase resident power, movement building, and social capital.
  • Leadership with Community Development – Monthly meetings with DRFF grantee leaders to provide a regular forum for peer mentoring and group activities designed to build their capacity for community engagement and collective action.
  •  Infrastructure Development – DRFF grantees will receive personalized referrals to high quality resources, third party service providers, and consultants to assist them with their organizational development needs. 
  • Assessment – Bi-annually, DRFF grantees will participate in an assessment to identify their priorities and goals.